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Resmon™ Pro Forced Oscillation Technique

Forced Oscillation Technique

Resmon™ Pro Forced Oscillation Technique

The forced oscillation technique (FOT) is a noninvasive method to measure the mechanical properties of the lung and airways during tidal breathing. In addition to measuring total impedance (resistance and reactance) the Resmon Pro can measure expiratory flow limitation which is a key index of respiratory obstruction. Restech developed patented technology to determine the breath-by-breath presence and severity of expiratory flow limitation (EFL) during quiet breathing. Using the Resmon Pro, a physician can detect the presence, severity and reversibility of EFL, and evaluate the degree of airflow obstruction and shortness-of-breath experienced by the patient.

> download (pdf): Resmon™ Pro Forced Oscillation Technique

FDA 510 Clearance: K152585

FOT is a useful tool in clinical medicine and research:
  • patented expiratory flow limitation technology (EFL) quantifies the degree of obstruction through changes in reactance during the breath cycle
  • low dead space circuit, conforms to ATS/ERS standards
  • provides useful supplementary information to spirometry on mechanical properties of the respiratory system that may not be readily available with standard pulmonary function tests
  • requires minimal subject cooperation which is a significant advantage with pediatric or critically ill patients
  • data is obtained during normal tidal breathing while standard PFT's require maximal or forced manuevers that are unfamiliar to patients
  • degree of heterogeneity of the airways obstruction, measured through the analysis of the frequency dependence of the resistance
  • spirometry maneuver can mask the effectiveness of a bronchodilator while the tidal breathing manuever of FOT can reveal the effectiveness of a bronchodilator

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