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Inhaled Insulin - MIR Offer

Spirometry for Inhaled Insulin

Adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes now have a new option for their control medications.

In June 2014, the FDA approved a rapid acting inhaled insulin (market name: Afrezza®) indicated to improve glycemic control in adult patients with diabetes mellitus. Because of the effect inhaled insulin has on pulmonary function, the FDA and the insulin manufacturer have determined that all patients must have spirometry (specifically FEV1) assessed prior to initiating therapy and regularly therafter.

BEFORE Initiating Inhaled Insulin Therapy:
Before initiating inhaled insulin therapy, a complete medical review is required to identify potential underlying lung disease. Spirometry testing (FEV1) should be administered before initiating therapy.

AFTER Initiating Inhaled Insulin Therapy:
After initial spirometry testing, repeat spirometry is required after the first 6 months of therapy and annually thereafter, even in the absence of pulmonary symptoms.

Because initial qualification and ongoing monitoring is required, we understand that you may have questions about spirometer selection, training and reimbursement.

MIR Offer

Through a partnership with MIR Medical, MGC Diagnostics Corporation is able to offer a special 6 month offer on the Spirobank II® spirometer starter kit and supplies.

Starter Kit: $398.50*
includes: Spirobank II® spirometer, 60 disposable FlowMir® turbine flowmeters, 100 nose clips

Supply Re-Order: $160.00*

includes: 60 disposable FlowMir® turbine flowmeters, 100 nose clips

*price includes ground shipping. Add an additional $31.75 for 2nd day shipping or $57.50 for overnight shipping.

The Spirobank II is a handheld multifunction spirometer with graphical display. It is the ideal device for family doctors, primary care and occupational medicine facilities, and general screening. The Spirobank II complies with the latest ATS/ERS standards for accuracy.


  • PRE and POST - Bronchodilator comparison
  • Spirometry Test Interpretation - Embedded Temperature sensor for BTPS
  • Real-Time Tests via USB
  • Memory up to 10,000 Spirometry Tests or 900 hours of Oximetry (if available) recording coupled with powerful and flexile search services
  • Rechargeable, Long-Life Battery
  • Traffic Light Health Indicator - For immediate test interpretation
  • Backlit, High-Resolution Display - With on-screen results and curves preview for immediate data assessment
  • Winspiro PRO® PC Software - Real Time test on PC, includes free online updates and provides Real Time Flow/Volume and Volume/Time curves with PRE/POST bronchodilator comparison on your PC
  • Available with DISPOSABLE turbine flowmeter

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NOTE: This information is not a substitute for medical advice and does not provide a complete summary of any inhaled insulin product or address all considerations in making treatment decisions regarding their use. Always refer to the complete product information provided by the insulin manufacturer.


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